Mythic Fiction Series

A Tale of Vikings, Elves & Gods

#6 – Allied in Strife (30 July 2021)

The Elves are a disaster. Raymond’s having trouble coping with death and letting go, Priscilla’s drowing in guilt, Nathan’s having a rocky Elf transition, and Nerissa’s dealing with recent trauma.

But Itta and Patrick are on the warpath, Clothilde hates being treated like a traitor, the Woods don’t appreciate being ordered to stand down, and a fire Priscilla lit a couple of years ago is primed to explode.

And just when everyone might be finding out how to move on, a phone call from Erasmus throws them for a loop.

In between, explore the past with a trip to Spanish Florida in 1702, and learn how Priscilla met the first Human she ever loved.

Will the past catch up with them all, or can they find a way to end the strife?

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