Mythic Fiction Series

#2 - Forged of Ruin

A Tale of Vikings, Elves, and Gods.

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Forged of Ruin (Book #2 in The Cursed Elves series) follows the stories that molded our Elves into who they are today. Return to 1465 & discover how they met Priscilla, while also continuing in the present as they encounter Merfolk, Witches, Vanir, and a moody Poseidon.

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#1 - The Cursed Elves

A Tale of Vikings, Elves, and Gods.

"If you like twists and turns and Machiavellian scheming mixed with mythology, this is the book for you." - Eileen Hammond, Mystery Author
"I loved her ability to keep me guessing, catching me off-guard, and her ability to show complex relationships born of love, lust, violence, instinct, and even survival." - Myron Clifton, Mythology Author
"If you like strong females, blood and sex (sometimes at the same time) then you need to buy and get hooked." - Mike Kanner, Fantasy Author

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Series Book 3

Release Date: Spring 2020

Series Book 4

Release Date: Summer 2020