The Tycoon and the Tarot Reader

Released: October 12, 2022

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Pages: 254
ISBN: 9798356237584

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Pages: 274
ISBN: 9798356442827

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A Cozy Paranormal Romance (Southern Supernaturals, #1)

When her useless landlord ‘fixes’ the front door handle with duct tape after a break-in, Daisy has had enough. Ready to force the global real estate company to do something about it, she heads to the local San Antonio office – only to find herself face-to-face with the most captivating man she’s ever met.

He also happens to be one of the actual owners.

Jasper never expected to be swept off his feet by a tiny tarot reader raging with complaints and calling him a slumlord. It’s even more embarrassing when he learns that the on-site property manager is his nephew. But when his bear spirit awakes at the sound of Daisy’s voice, he knows she’s something special.

The pair heads back to the classic Georgian property together, only to be met with flashing police lights and discover it’s now a crime scene.

One tenant is dead, another is missing, and the detective is looking far too closely at Jasper’s nephew. It’s clear that the best way to keep him from ending up in jail is to find out what really happened.

But can the Tycoon and the Tarot Reader find the answers without losing their hearts?

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