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Welcome to the second part of a blog series on books you should add to your shopping lists this season. This is the “10 in Ten Series.” They don’t just have to be for you! Tis the gift-giving season after all. I’m going to make regular posts showcasing ten more books (or more!) by Indie authors that could benefit from some more reviews. (Part 1 is here.)

(This may — or may not — continue through the shopping season, we shall see.)

1. Lost Tides: Elemental Seekers Series by H.M. Sandlin

Book Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Fiction
Reviews as of this posting: 6 on Amazon + 3 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: 4.9/5
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

With one small fall, seventeen-year-old Sally Abeneb’s life changes dramatically. After a series of tests, she is sent to a special doctor who tells her she has just awoken her elemental powers. Confused and separated from her parents she tries to navigate a new school filled with other young elementals, some whose parents are involved with a secret organization trying to rule the world and enslave regular people.

Sally finds out she may be destined to either stop the darkness from taking over or be consumed by it. With help from her friends and a secret note, she finds her way to the water elemental palace where she must help stop a curse from taking over in order to get them to trust her.

With the secret organization following her every move, she learns how to make her powers appear unremarkable while still learning how to control them to keep from falling into their hands or worse, becoming like them. It’s a balancing act that she has to perfect or her life and her parents are at risk.

Find the Author on Twitter: @SandlinHm
Visit the Author’s Website:

2. Peony Lanterns: A Novella by Patricia Correll

Book Categories: Folklore, LGBT, Novella, Short fiction
Reviews as of this posting: 5 on Amazon + 13 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: 4.39/5
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

Mitsu has been Shiro’s personal servant and best friend since they were both six years old, and he’s been in love with him for nearly that long. While Shiro takes lovers of both sexes, the gulf between their social classes is so vast that Mitsu has never spoken his feelings aloud.

When Shiro meets the beautiful Lady Keiko, he’s instantly infatuated. His affection soon turns to obsession, and Mitsu resigns himself to a life of unrequited love.

But as Mitsu looks deeper into Keiko and her motives, he realizes that Shiro is in grave danger. He will need all his courage– and some help from a master of the occult– to save the life of the man he loves.

Find the Author on Twitter: @Author_PCorrell or on FB: @authorpatriciacorrell

3. Neverman Musings – Turning Point by Yván José García-Rojas

Book Categories: Poetry, Romantic Poetry
Reviews as of this posting: 2 on Amazon + 3 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: 3.8/5
Formats Available: eBook

Lillian is terrified of flying. Yet, one of the most painful moments one could imagine hits her and prompts her to fly anyway.

In the plane, she meets a Venezuelan aspiring writer that through his poetry, kindness and friendliness comforts her quite much. Talking about relationships, fear, faith, hope, dreams and much more, they discover long-lasting mutual trust and support.

That is just the beginning of a warm and very rewarding relationship for the two of them.

Find the Author on Twitter: @LeikosLeikos
Visit the Author’s Website:

4. Chess: It’s All Black & White by Nicole Donoho

Book Categories: Chess, Game Instruction, Short
Reviews as of this posting: 0 on Amazon + 0 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: None Yet
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

This introductory guide to chess is a must have for those new to the game.

It provides practical illustrations of how to set-up the board and what moves each piece can make during the game. Throughout the guide, there is also humorous insight that you might not have known about chess like:

Why does the queen always start the game on her color?

Why do the knights stand next to the rooks instead of the king and queen?

This illustrated guide is sure to bring a fresh look to the classic game.

Find the Author on Twitter: @MakeMeYourVoice
Visit the Author’s Website: goodbyechristianwhore

5. Three Halves of a Whole by Elijah Aster

Book Categories: LGBT Romance, Bisexual Romance, Gay Romance, New Adult & College Romance
Reviews as of this posting: 1 on Amazon + 6 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: 4.8/5
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

“Andrew aspired to be that person that could fix everything, he wanted to save Riley from his doubts and fears…but he never quite knew how, and the passage of years hadn’t changed that.”

Andrew hasn’t spoken to his ex-boyfriend Riley in almost two years, until one fateful night when he receives a phone call from the other man that he finds himself unable to ignore.

What will happen when rules are broken and a relationship that Andrew thought had died is given a chance of rekindling?

Will things be different this time around…or will it all end in misery for a second time…

Find the Author on Twitter: @Elijah_Aster

6. School For Apes by Andrew McDonald

Book Categories: Young Adult, Literature, Parenting
Reviews as of this posting: 2 on Amazon + 4 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: 4.4/5
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

Hazeldene, a school with a secret set deep in the heart of rural England.

Dominic Atwell, a boy who finds it difficult to fit into school life.

But when he is expelled from yet another school, his parents take steps to send Dominic to a special school. A school designed to take only the most special and unique children. A school, that doesn’t ask questions. A school, which will take anybody for a price: A school that offers the highest in education…a school for Apes.

What is the secret behind the doors of Hazeldene, a school where nothing is what it seems…and for Dominic nothing will be the same again.

Find the Author on Twitter: @AndrewMc710
Visit the Author’s Website:

7. Murder So Deadly (Merry March Mysteries Book 4) by Eileen Curley Hammond

Book Categories: Mystery, Cozy Mystery, Culinary Mystery, Mystery Romance
Reviews as of this posting: 0 on Amazon + 0 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: None Yet
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

Pretty Things Can Be Deadly

It’s springtime in Hopeful and the town is abloom.

Gardeners, avid to challenge themselves, move past the usual begonias into more exotic plants. Unfortunately, some of their selections are pure poison.

Rob’s mother and her husband are in town for a visit that ends in murder. Merry investigates and finds ugly truths growing in some of the most beautiful places.

Find the Author on Twitter: @curleyhammcozy
Visit the Author’s Website: Eileen Curley Hammond

8. Undeniable Desire: Undeniable Series Book 1 by L.L. Lily

Book Categories: Women’s Fiction, Women’s Divorce Fiction, Sisters Fiction, Women’s Psychological Fiction
Reviews as of this posting: 0 on Amazon + 0 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: None Yet
Formats Available: eBook

I love him. I hate him. I love them both.

Life is going great or at least that’s what the right side of my brain is telling me. I got my dream job as a school counselor at Rose County High and married the love of my life…

Okay I lied. I’m on the brink of divorce. There are days when I hate my job, I slept with my client’s father, and I think I’m going to jail for violating ethics.

…stupid Ulysses Grant…

Kelsey Fairweather nee Hassing has everything. She snagged herself a handsome hotshot doctor for a husband, a dream job, and the best weekly orgasm. She’s also on the brink of divorce, potentially violating ethics, and fighting a war against her heart, body, and mind. When her first one night stand comes knocking on her door as her client’s father and an attractive proposition, will she keep her legs closed long enough to see the light of her divorce papers? Or will she learn to let bygones be bygones for a second chance with her husband?

Find the Author on Twitter: @LLLily13
Visit the Author’s Website:

9. The Vigilon Project by Stephanie Baskerville

Book Categories: Action Adventure
Reviews as of this posting: 0 on Amazon
Current Combined Star Rating: None Yet
Formats Available: Paperback

Anduriel’s life hasn’t been an easy one, but things seem to be finally falling into place. She has an exciting job as a criminal prosecutor, a loving family, and her boyfriend’s just proposed to her while on a romantic cruise through the Caribbean.

Then the ship explodes, and Anduriel Marek’s life as she knows it comes to a shattering end.

Adrift in a life raft with the only other survivor of the shipwreck – ex-Marine Marcus Harmon – Anduriel tries to piece together what happened. It becomes apparent that this was way more than a tragic accident – it was planned.

In less than 24 hours, Anduriel and Marcus find themselves embroiled in a deadly government conspiracy with the shipwreck at its centre.

With everything on the line, can these two strangers trust each other enough to outwit the people who want them dead?

Find the Author on Twitter: @FuryanHound

10. INITIATION (Protector of Hidden Worlds Book 1) by L.A. Limpkin

Book Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Epic Fantasy
Reviews as of this posting: 2 on Amazon + 4 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: 3.9/5
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

What would you do if you found yourself in a mystical world, without knowing how you got there or even where ‘there’ is?

Hannah casts reason aside and jumps at the opportunity to discover a new world, a forest filled with creatures engaged for centuries in a silent war.

It is a world in decline. Both llumens and shadows need her to survive.

Hannah finds more answers than she needed. As a hybrid, she is at the crossing between two enemies, reshaped as their savior.

She has to pick a side. Will she know whom to trust?

Find the Author on Twitter: @lalimpkin
Visit the Author’s Website:

That’s Ten in 10 (Part 2) Complete!

If you’re looking for a new read or a gift for friends/family this season, you should definitely consider these books. Nothing catch your attention? Head back and check out Part 1. Also you can jump over to the top of the sidebar and sign up for the blog updates so you get notified of future postings.

Take care!

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Welcome to a new blog series I’m starting on indie books you should definitely add to your shopping lists this season. This is the “Ten in 10 Series.” They don’t just have to be for you! Tis the gift-giving season after all. I’m going to make daily posts showcasing ten more books (or more!) by Indie authors that could benefit from some more reviews.

(This may — or may not — continue through the shopping season, we shall see.)

1. Passionate Travellers: Around the World on 21 Incredible Journeys in History by Trish Nicholson

Passionate Travellers: Around the World on 21 Incredible Journeys in History by Trish Nicholson

Book Categories: Adventure Travel, Travel Writing, Travelogues & Travel Essays
Reviews as of this posting: 3 on Amazon + 1 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: 5/5
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

Accompanying these 21 passionate travellers on their personal quests, we discover what drove them, and share their incredible journeys through deserts, mountains, jungles and seas to every continent, spanning 2,000 years of history from 480 BCE to the 1930s. These are true stories of daring adventure, courage, cunning, even murder and, above everything, sheer determination against all odds.

Most of these eight women and thirteen men were ordinary people transformed by their journeys. They travelled from Africa, China, Persia, Russia, and the Mediterranean as well as from Europe and America. Their backgrounds were diverse, including: poet, artist, invalid, slave, pilgrim, doctor, missionary, scholar, diplomat, dilettante, storyteller, and anarchistic opera singer.

Not all survived. Many have been forgotten. Who now knows that Octavie Coudreau, stranded in a canoe on the Amazon in 1899 with her dead husband, continued to chart the river? That Thomas Stevens was the first person to cycle around the world on a penny-farthing? And why was an English parlour maid abandoned on the Trans-Siberian railway and arrested by Stalin’s secret police?

With painstaking research and powerful storytelling, the author, herself a world-traveller, has created an intimate experience of each traveller’s journey and recaptured a vanished world. A compelling travel read and a treat for history lovers.

Find the Author on Twitter: @TrishaNicholson

2. The Madness in Our Intentions by CJ Landry

The Madness in Our Intentions - cover art.
Book Categories: Poetry
Reviews as of this posting: 6 on Amazon + 8 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: 4.62/5
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

A collection of 32 poems written by mother and son examining love, family, breakups, mental illness, sexual health, self-confidence, and abuse.

Find the Author on Twitter: @InevitableCJ

3. Murder So Heartless: A Merry March Mystery (Merry March Mysteries Book 3) by Eileen Curley Hammond

Murder So Heartless - book cover.
Book Categories: Cozy Mystery, Amateur Sleuths, Mystery Romance
Reviews as of this posting: 6 on Amazon + 5 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: 4.8/5
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

Nothing spoils Valentine’s Day in a small town like a murdered florist.

The First Gulf War lasted less than a year. Now, nearly three decades later, the local florist is murdered in Hopeful. Merry’s pulled in once again, as her daughter begs her to save her boyfriend’s father from prison.

When Merry investigates, she realizes that secrets kept during that War are beginning to unravel. Wine and cats keep her sane while her boyfriend, Rob, and best friend, Patty, pitch in to help her solve the mystery before the murderer kills again.

Find the Author on Twitter: @curleyhammcozy
Visit the Author’s Website: Eileen Curley Hammond

4. Earth Sucks: the Fringeants by Heather Chambers

Earth Sucks - book cover.
Book Categories: Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic
Reviews as of this posting: 2 on Amazon + 4 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: 4.4/5
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

It’s the apocalypse.
And Feng has a knack for pissing people off.
There are certain things you come to accept when Earth comes closer to its expiry date, like being invaded by bloodthirsty creatures you didn’t even know existed.
He just wanted to find his family. Now he’s being hunted.
With the love of his life dead, his family missing and every surviving human on the run, Feng is feeling a bit grouchy.
The death, he expected. Her? Not so much.
Meet Diem, an adorable alien healer with boundless curiosity and a glowing crimson mouth. She grew up on stories of Humans but never thought she’d meet one. Now that the opportunity has surfaced, she wishes she never did.
Something far more sinister is at play.
The mystery surrounding the fate of the disappearing humans is not all that it seems. What Feng and Diem discover will change everything. For both sides of the war.
But will it allow them to get out alive?

Find the Author on Twitter: @HeatherC_Author

5. Captain Jon Hunter Psychic Spy (Sky Walkers Book #1) by D. Owen Powell

Captain Jon Hunter Psychic Spy - book cover.
Book Categories: Science Fiction, Military Sci-Fi,
Reviews as of this posting: 0 on Amazon + 0 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: None Yet
Formats Available: eBook

Part human. Part alien. All hero…
Countless worlds have fallen before the merciless Drakonian Empire. Now, the Earth is in their sights…
If the reptilian invaders’ plan succeeds, they will decimate the planet, reducing humanity to slaves… or food. And only one man can stop them: Captain Jon Hunter.
Once a highly trained United States Army Ranger, Hunter is now Earth’s top operative in the Military, Psychic Warfare Unit. After a lifetime of battle, the heroic soldier just wants to spend some quality time with his new family. But when he learns of the coming threat, Hunter must tap into his secret past… For within his DNA lies an alien linage, a history of past lives whose memories reach back for eons.
Drawing upon this ancient knowledge, Hunter rescues a long lost ally, who may be able to help avert the coming devastation. Together, they uncover an impossible fate lurking in Hunter’s future.
Earth’s final destiny will rest upon Jon Hunter’s shoulders. But to save the world, he may have to sacrifice more than he ever bargained for… The SKY WALKER PROJECT begins.

Find the Author on Twitter: @Write2Night

6. The Joy of Cruising: Passionate Cruisers, Fascinating Stories by Paul C. Thornton

The Joy of Cruising - book cover.

Book Categories: Non-fiction, Cruise Travel
Reviews as of this posting: 7 on Amazon + 4 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: None Yet
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

The Joy of Cruising is about passion. Award-winning author Paul C. Thornton profiles travelers from all over the world with a passion for cruising and who act on that passion in creative and fascinating ways. From a Grammy award winner, Poker Hall of Famer, winner of the TV series Last Comic Standing, to “ordinary” cruisers doing extraordinary things, The Joy of Cruising will fascinate anyone who has ever cruised, aspires to take a cruise, or just loves travel.

The Joy of Cruising is an anthology that takes a look at the magic of cruising from the vantage point of travelers passionate about travel—a compendium of anecdotes, stories, and profiles of cruisers who have some unique or interesting perspective. It is not cruise-line specific, nor an industry overview, cruising guide/how-to, exposé or behind the scenes. The Joy of Cruising is a positive examination of why cruisers do what they do in the pursuit of their passion.

Find the Author on Twitter: @joyofcruising
See the book website here: The Joy of Cruising

7. The Digital Eye (Traced) by Tobias Wilson

The Digital Eye - book cover.

Book Categories: International Mystery & Crime, Mystery Action & Adventure, Crime Action & Adventure
Reviews as of this posting: 0 on Amazon
Current Combined Star Rating: None Yet
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

Darby was a dedicated family man until he accepted a job offer which turned out too good to be true and more terrible than he could have imagined. Kept away from his family for the longest eighteen months of his life, Darby is still a prisoner, stuck on a ship involved in the human trafficking business where he is routinely forced to do terrible things that will haunt him for the rest of his life. That is until a stranger boards, a stranger named Alek Ivanov who is far more than he appears and is being hunted by those who would also do him and his family deep harm if he is caught.

Now Darby must team up with this stranger to fight for their freedom as well as the lives of their loved ones against those who have control over the digital eye that watches over our world, unblinking, twenty-four hours every day and holds digital or real-world footprints of anyone who would dare fight back.

But the tools that can be used to blackmail people, threaten their families and destroy lives are just that, tools. If Darby and Alek can work together and get off the death ship they are trapped on, then find out who they are truly fighting against, they might be able use those tools to their own ends. But against some of the most ruthless criminals on the planet its kill or be killed, and the race is on between these two and the powers they are fighting against to see who survives. Will it be Darby and Alek, forced into impossible situations to forge an alliance to the death or the powerful criminals they have to bring down to save themselves and more importantly, their families?

A fast-paced thriller, with adrenaline-fueled action, Traced: The Digital Eye is a modern-day revenge story that gives an insight into just how easy it is to find a person in the digital age and use that knowledge gathered to compel them to do almost anything, even kill.

Find the Author on Twitter: @TobiasTheAuthor

8. Littlethumb Sneezed by Truant D. Memphis

Littlethumb Sneezed - book cover.

Book Categories: Humorous Fiction, Teen & Young Adult
Reviews as of this posting: 6 on Amazon + 2 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: 5/5
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

What would happen if everything in the world froze but you?

Littlethumb Sneezed is the tale of prolific artist and renowned philanthropist Littlethumb Brooks. From the discovery of his creative genius as a child to his rise to fame, join Littlethumb on a satirical journey through the world of American pop culture. It is a life filled with love, laughter, charity, art, disguises, magic tricks, international intrigue, and unfortunately, horrible tragedy. There’s also a punk rocker named Tommy Toxic.

It began with the Occurrence. Littlethumb was a little boy…

Find the Author on Twitter: @BeKindHumans
Visit the Author’s Website: Truant D. Memphis

9. The Disciples of Fire (Disciples Series, #1) by Stephen C. Wright

The Disciples of Fire - book cover.

Book Categories: Action Adventure, Military Science Fiction
Reviews as of this posting: 0 on Amazon + 0 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: None Yet
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

For as long as he can remember, Derrick Hart always wanted to be a hero. Hearing stories about his country’s military fighting foreign pirates and slavers, he wanted nothing more than to become a soldier in the New Duron Army.

After being chosen to participate in a special military training program, Derrick cannot pass up such an opportunity. Joining four other cadets, Derrick becomes a member of Fire Squad.

With his fellow cadets, and with war looming over the horizon, will he be able to become the hero he always wanted to be? Or will he discover that life of a soldier is not like the stories he fantasized about?

Find the Author on Twitter: @StephenCWrite

10. Tales for the Camp Fire: A Charity Anthology Benefitting Wildfire Relief by Multiple authors (Suggested by Ben Monroe)

Tales for the Camp Fire - book cover.

Book Categories: Horror Short Stories, Horror Anthologies
Reviews as of this posting: 5 on Amazon + 9 on Goodreads
Current Combined Star Rating: 4.2/5
Formats Available: Paperback and eBook

Scary Stories for a Good Cause. From Bram Stoker Award-nominated editor of the cult magazine Morbid Curiosity comes Tales for the Camp Fire, a new charity anthology of short stories to help support wildfire relief efforts.

Through these pages roam werewolves, serial killers, a handful of ghosts, plenty of zombies, Cthulhu cultists, mad scientists, and a pair of conjoined twins.

In November 2018, fire broke out on Camp Creek Road and raced through Butte County, California. By the time the fire was extinguished, the town of Paradise had been scoured from the map. Nearly 100 people died. Damage ran to an estimated $16 billion. The disaster has been named the Camp Fire, in memory of its place of origin. The horror writers of Northern California rallied to raise money for the survivors.

Tales for the Camp Fire ranges from fairytale to science fiction, from psychological terror to magical realism, from splatterpunk to black humor, all rounded out by a messed-up post-apocalyptic cookbook. All profits from the sale of this anthology will be donated to Camp Fire relief and recovery efforts.

Find Ben Monroe on Twitter: @_BenMonroe_
Visit Ben Monroe’s Website: Ben Monroe
Visit the Book Website: Tales for the Camp Fire

That’s Ten in 10 (Part 1) Complete!

If you’re looking for a new read or a gift for friends/family this season, you should definitely consider these books. Nothing catch your attention? Jump over to the top of the sidebar and sign up for the blog updates so you get notified of future postings.

Next: Read 10 in Ten (Part 2)

Take care!

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This month is getting off to a great start so far, and I just wanted to pop into your worlds a bit and let you know what’s happening in mine.

My September 4th book launch of Cursed by Furies went about as well as expected — which is to say that as a new author on my first book, it wasn’t a blockbuster by any stretch. But I had realistic goals in place which were met and I’ve been honored to get a chance to talk to people who have read and enjoyed my book.

The launch was exhausting, and now that it is over I feel a huge sense of relief. I’d also like to share a few things from the launch interviews that were fun to talk about, as well as go into some of the things going on this month and next.

Excepts from Interviews

These are some of the questions I was asked in my book interviews that I thought you might enjoy reading about.

From Diane’s Book Blog Interview

Q: If you were stranded on a desert island which of your characters do you want by your side?

A: Jarl, for sure. He’s a Viking, a man of the sea. Not only great, sexy company, but highly practical as a choice.

Q: What inspired you to write your first book?

A: I’ve been obsessed with mythology my entire life, but I randomly got into a conversation with my daughter about how I would explain Vampires, mythologically. I said it would have to be a curse, and that means they had to start off as a different being. So then it became a question of, what kind of being and who would have the power to pull off a curse like that. I immediately thought of the Furies, because I’m a mythos junkie, and they enact punishments in mythology. The concept basically was built backward from there, and easily tied into the mythos that I know so well, and it was important to me that it would actually fit in reasonably and historically.

From The Book Junkie Reads Interview

Q: Do you feel that writing is an ingrained process or just something that flows naturally for you?

A: Definitely something that flows naturally. I am a full ‘pantser-type’ writer, so I don’t outline or plot or plan anything. I go where the characters want me to go, and I trust them to guide me in the right direction.

Q: Can you share you next creative project(s)? If yes, can you give a few details?

A: Absolutely. I briefly mentioned books 1.5, 2, and 3 earlier, but let me tell you a bit more about those.

I don’t want to give away the name of 1.5 because it could be a bit of a spoiler for book 1 as it is right now, the name may need to change. But basically it takes place in the two-year gap between book 1 and 2. Largely it deals with the way so many of their lives have changed after the events of book 1, and how they’re all dealing with the major adjustments. Some are coping with things better than others.

Book 2 is called ‘Well Deserved Wrath,’ and is centered on the arrival of an old nemesis who shows up and begins creating havoc. Two years after Priscilla first started learning she had more powers, this book shows her as she’s been learning to embrace them and obtain new abilities. Wrath introduces another God into the story, and it’s a pretty dark and violent book.

Book 3 is called ‘Memory of Betrayal,’ and that book in the series picks up not too long after book 2. In book 3, Priscilla finds herself locked up with a new God, and works to convince him to keep her identity a secret. Meanwhile attacks are launched against her family and friends, and they have to figure out who is behind it all, but are discovering that it’s possible it could be someone on the inside.

I do already have some ideas about where I want to go with book 4, even though I haven’t begun writing it yet. I definitely want to get into some Egyptian mythos soon, but I don’t know if that will be in book 4 or 5. As a writer who doesn’t plan these things out, I’ll just see where it takes me.

From the Supernatural Central Interview

Q: Tell me a little bit about your main character of this book.

A: The main character in my story is Priscilla Forester, and she’s a 500’ish-year-old Elf who resides in modern Houston, Texas. I’m not giving a specific age because, as you find out in the story, there is some secretiveness around events that happened very early in her life.

In my world, all the Elves were cursed to live on this Earth plane of existence, the gates to the other realms shut to them as punishment. The curse is pretty intricate, but the short version is that they’re essentially what Humans would call Vampires, even though they find that word insulting. But Priscilla is more than just a regular cursed Elf, she’s called ‘twice cursed’ because she has some other abilities that I think people will enjoy reading about. Even beyond that, there’s far more to her, but that gets into things she isn’t even aware of yet.
The first book in the series is largely an introduction to the circumstances the Elves find themselves in, getting to know Priscilla and some of the other important characters, and also it is a lot about seeing her grow into the beginning of some acceptance about things she doesn’t like about herself.

Q: Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share?

A: I absolutely believe in the paranormal, and I’ve had many, many experiences with it. The earliest that I can recall is from an incident when I was about four years old. I awoke in the middle of the night screaming that my aunt was hurt and needed help. It turned out that at the same time, my aunt had just been in a car accident so bad they had to cut away the vehicle wall to get her out. Thankfully, she survived it with only minor injuries, but it was only the beginning of those kinds of experiences for me. I even spent some time working as a professional tarot reader in my early 20s.

From the JB’s Bookworms Interview

Q: Who is your favorite character from your own stories, and why?

A: That’s a hard one. It’s a toss-up between Jonah and Raymond, possibly because I personally identify most with those two characters. Priscilla may be my main character, and I do like her, but she’s most definitely not some shadow extension of myself.

Q: What was your most difficult scene to write?

A: After the prologue, the very first scene in the diner was difficult to get to a place where I was truly happy with it. There’s so much emphasis on getting the beginning perfect, that I tweaked words here and there over, and over again. In fact, the scene actually started off with her telling him he was a half-Elf in the diner, but I decided to ease that in later.

Have Interview Questions of Your Own?

Hopefully you enjoyed reading those interview questions and answers. If you want to read all of them just head over to the linked blogs.

If you have your own blog — I’m always available to do interviews via email, just contact me via this website or my social media and tell me about your idea. I can also do call-in interviews if you have a podcast, but they’re trickier for me to schedule because I have to actually go to a location that is relatively quiet in order to do them. Nevertheless, given enough time and scheduling flexibility, I can do those as well.

The House Sigils are UP!

So my Early Release Newsletter people have known about the sigils for a while, but they are now up for public view on the website. These sigils are worn by the different Elf House families in my book series.

You can see them all on The Cursed Elves Series main page, as well as links to my growing list of characters from the books.

These sigils, as you can probably guess, are going to be going on some fun swag! I know that, just for myself, I want a coffee mug wrapped in the sigils 🙂

Things on the Way

This month there are a few things that are in the works, but the thing I’m probably happiest about is that the large-print paperback version will be made available.

You have no way of knowing this, but in my tech world business I have a big stake in visual accessibility and did a lot of things related to making technology better and easier for people with disabilities.

What I’m Writing Now

Currently I’m writing book 1.5 in the series. At some point I’m just going to start calling it book 2, and bump all the rest of the books forward a number… but for now I haven’t been able to stop calling it 1.5. At least I’m no longer calling it “***** the ********” which I belatedly realized was a massive spoiler for book 1. I’m running a bit behind on it, which means I’ve gotten distracted and need to do more writing. If I can get the time and energy to focus on writing, I could probably wrap it up in a couple of weeks… in fact, that’s my goal.

1.5 has gotten kind of interesting. There are some significant writing style differences, but I think they’re going to be fine. In my last little bit I was just working on, someone nearly got decapitated, a half dozen other people DID get decapitated, and they accidentally encountered an extremely dangerous being masquerading as a Forester Elf. Fun stuff!

All For Now!

That’s enough to throw at you all at once, and I definitely hope to see some of you guys around the social media space in the interim. Hopefully you know where to find me. If not, check out the list on my contact page. You can also look at the main menu and see the listings under ‘contact’ or down in the footer are a bunch of links too. Feel free to reach out in whichever way you prefer.

Until next time, lots of love!

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When You Feel It: An Erotic Compilation by Kelanie Black
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a lovely compilation of short erotic stories, the majority of which are focused on the submissive side of BDSM. In addition, there is one story from the female dominant perspective, and another from a very unique perspective which involves a gay male encounter.

I’ll start by saying that the first stories are closer to what you would expect from a submissive BDSM erotica perspective. They’re good, but I particularly find it interesting that, unlike a great deal of erotica, the focus is placed firmly on the experience and not on the ‘finale.’

There is a longer story in there which delves into some really interesting aspects of how to deal with the challenges associated with both having a desire for BDSM in ones bedroom life, but retaining lingering anxieties from unrelated physical abuse that can be inadvertently triggered. Powerful story, with a relevant and serious concept.

The last one I’m going to mention is actually my favorite and involves the one MM story. I can’t give away too much detail without spoiling it, but I adore the fact that it has a completely unique perspective for the story narration! I really enjoyed the way the author took a risk with that one and it was so much fun to read.

Overall, great collection. If you feel like you’ve read everything that BDSM erotica has to offer, you might find yourself surprised with this one.

When You Feel It: An Erotic Compilation
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Fairy Tale Lies by D.K. Marie
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a very good contemporary romance between Greta, a graduate student from a wealthy family, and Jacob, a self-made businessman with a blue collar background.

While desperately attracted to each other, they both carry the baggage of trust issues from their past. They decide to try spending enjoying each other’s company casually, but struggle mightily keeping it that way.

Where the book seems to begin these characters with differences of social rank – the real challenges between them are much more about the disparate ways they deal with problems. The scorching passion between them comes through as clearly on the page as their internal misery and self-doubt. Of course, passion between them isn’t one of their problems.

From a readers point of view, I enjoyed the realism of this relationship. For example, while they are both very likable characters, sometimes each of them acts in ways that are obnoxious, unfair, or irrational. That’s real life. You don’t always say the right thing in the right moment, and impulsive or irrational responses can be a part of genuine behavior. We’re also all carrying along the baggage of our past experiences along with us into new relationships and friendships, and it’s nice seeing the reality of that conditioning being addressed.

You should definitely read this if you like a modern romance which is strongly focused on the characters, their personalities, struggles and growth.

Fairy Tale Lies (Opposites Attract, #1)

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