My name’s Di. That’s pronounced like the letter, by the way. I was born inside a hospital, to a two legged mammalian I call Mom. I have eyes, skin, hair, all the normal humanoid features one expects… at least until they no longer have them.

Many people lose their hair, some lose an eye, maybe two, but rarely three. Not many people lose their skin, at least not while alive, but I’m sure it happens. For now, I have all of them.

I live in a box made of wood and bricks. Sometimes there are other humanoids around me, and creatures of varying type pass through the cow food that fills the space around my box.

My height is greater than .75% of a furlong, but less than 1% of a stadia. My weight is probably more pebbles than it should be, and my shoe size has digits.

I like to read books about dead people, written by other dead people. Usually speaking dead languages. Some of them can’t die, and I think that’s pretty interesting. I write about those too, in fact, you should check out the other pages – it’s what this site is about.

– Di