Book 1 - Cursed by Furies

Release: 03 Sep 2019

eBook ISBN: 9781393036074

eBook ASIN: B07WD29D3P

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A Tale of Vikings, Elves & Gods

(The Cursed Elves Series #1)

1000 years ago the Elves nearly destroyed their species through war. As punishment, their ancestors cursed them and trapped them on the Earthly plane.

Priscilla Forester is a 500-year-old Cursed Elf, with abilities far different from most. She knows there is some secret about her origins, but has given up thinking she will ever discover the truth.

However, Fate was only waiting for the right moment to reveal its secrets. As Priscilla and her lovers battle against warring Elf Houses, her true nature begins to emerge, and it is more than anyone had bargained for.

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Firebird Book Award

In 2021, Cursed by Furies was chosen as the winner of the Firebird Book Award for outstanding Mythology fiction.

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