Book 1 – Cursed by Furies

A Tale of Vikings, Elves & Gods

(The Cursed Elves Series #1)

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Release Date: September 2019 (early)

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Formats: Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover

In modern day Houston, Priscilla Forester wishes she could be a normal Elf. It’s not the 1000 year old curse that bothers her, or that Humans call them Vampires, it’s that she also changes into something entirely different that scares even other Elves.

During a House party, her oldest friend (and ex-fiance) discovers that Priscilla is being spied on in her own home, and soon attacks are launched against those closest to her. Her loved ones join together to uncover the source of this new danger.

Meanwhile, her current partner is in delicate negotiations with a God for a chance to undo the curse. Not wanting to jeopardize their hopes for redemption, she turns to an ancient Viking lover for help in ensuring his safety. With the possibility of battle on the horizon, he is more than happy to oblige.

Can Priscilla overcome the threats of House wars, Gods, and even the Furies themselves… without becoming the monster that she already fears she is?

Within the pages of this first book you will meet Elves, Vampires, Banshees, Vikings, The Furies, Aphrodite, and at least one more Greco-Roman God!