Book 2 – Forged of Ruin

The Cursed Elves Series: A tale of Vikings, Elves, and Gods.

Release Date: 08 January, 2020

Formats Available: Kindle eBook

Paperback (Coming Soon!) ISBN: 9781653344840

Content notice: This book is written for adults. It contains dark themes,
violence, adult language, and sexual encounters.

Book Summary

It’s 1465 and a battle is brewing in middle ages France. Martine and Jonah Forester are living in Avon, a small town south of Paris, and are called upon to aid Louis XI against Charles the Bold. Along the way, they end up meeting a young child named Prisca, with no memory of how she came to be in the forest.

Back in the present, it’s six months after the Foresters helped end of one of the original curses, and they’re still struggling to adapt. But time waits for no one, and new dangers are rising.

Half-Elves have been getting abducted… and then returned unharmed, but everyone is refusing to talk about what really happened to them. Raymond’s kids have landed in terrible danger from an unexpected source, and now Martine has drawn the attention of a powerful witch and the local Merfolk. Meanwhile, the Eklunds are trying to keep another God away from Priscilla.

Events of the past forged them all into who they are today. But is it a change
for the better?