Book 2 – Forged of Ruin

The Cursed Elves Series: A tale of Vikings, Elves, and Gods.

Release Date: December 2019

First edition signed copies & international orders will be available on release.

Formats planned: Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover

When the first book ended, our characters were left reeling from the massive changes to their existence. In the second book of the series, the characters are all going through a period of adjustment after the life-altering outcomes of book one.

Many of them are dealing with various types of conflict — amongst each other, within themselves, and also with new and deadly outside forces intent on the demise of many in the Forester family.

As they struggle against the current threats, the reader is given a simultaneous glimpse into the past. We see some of the characters go through another period of world-shattering events in the summer of 1465, and gather some insight into how they became the Elves they are today.

In creatures who can live forever, ruin is always potentially lurking around the next corner. Each of these characters has been forged by their experiences, and continue to be in the modern day. The question remains always… will they continue to grow and strengthen from what they endure, or will they break under the strain?