Between Two Minds: Awakening by D.C. Wright-Hammer

Between Two Minds: Awakening by D.C. Wright-Hammer
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If you’re looking for something interesting to read in the science fiction segment, this definitely fits the bill. The story alternates between two primary perspectives; one is a young man with a birth defect who will undergo a costly procedure to move his mind into a new body, and the other is a military soldier who is introduced to the story during a combat situation. Very soon after having his procedure, Ryan begins having vivid dreams from the perspective of the military soldier, Charlie, and it doesn’t take him long to start to become concerned.

My favorite part of this book is in the period during which Ryan is migrating to his new body. The author really captures that aspect so well, and thinks about struggles that a person who has never been able to walk might encounter in the process. I also think that the world he created for this to happen in makes a lot of sense. The circumstances that led up to being able to do the procedure, the failings and the medical eventuality that someone would try again were consistent with our historical behavior and are easily believable.

The only struggle for me was that I wasn’t able to connect with or sympathize with either of the main characters. In the beginning I started off having some of that for Ryan, but instead of building I became less interested in him.

Between Two Minds: Awakening
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