The Secret in Sandcastles (A Poppy Creek Novel, #3) by Rachael Bloome

Book Description

Two childhood enemies. One adventure-filled summer. And an unexpected romance they’re trying hard to resist…

Penny Heart likes to play it safe… in life and in love.

When she’s asked to brave her town’s most thrilling adventures to revamp their outdated guidebook, things quickly go from bad to worse. The person assigned to help? None other than her childhood nemesis.

His dimpled grin and endearing charm might fool other women, but she wouldn’t trust the notorious prankster with her potted cactus… let alone her heart.

Colt Davis has spent his entire life fulfilling his father’s dying wish. But something about being home—and the intriguing redhead who owns the local antique store—has him questioning everything.

As they tackle each adventure, and the rush of adrenaline grows to a genuine connection, will their differences push them further apart?

Or could a long-kept secret be the key to their happily ever after?

My Review

This book is the third set in the small town of Poppy Creek, and it’s another five star read. Like all the others, it stands on its own, but you’ll get more out of it if you read in order.

In this book we spend some time with Penny, the daughter of an antique shop dealer who was raised to be very cautious and risk averse. She’s thrown into an unexpected situation where she has to help the small town with a tourist guidebook, which she’s perfectly willing to do. But at the last minute, the mayor changes the focus of the book into one based around thrilling local activities that she would never choose to do on her own. To make matters worse, he’s told her to go with the wild, free, and completely untamed Colt – who also teased her constantly as a girl.

It’s referred to an ‘enemies to lovers’ story, but I think it’s far more an ‘opposites attract’ tale. He’s the boy who teased the girl he was interested in, and she doesn’t exactly hate him, so much as she thinks he doesn’t take life seriously. Either way, it’s a good romance regardless of how you categorize it.

Penny spends a lot of the story facing her fears and realizing that she’s more adventurous than she ever knew. Colt finds himself helplessly drawn to Penny all over again, but this time he has a deathbed promise to keep, and he’s torn between that and the ever-increasing urge to plant roots back in Poppy Creek.

A splendid story, all sweet romance with plenty of wholesome scenes and fun adventures together.

Book Details

Title: The Secret in Sandcastles (A Poppy Creek Novel, #3)
Author: Rachael Bloome
My Rating: 5/5 Stars
Published: August 31st 2020
Where: If you’d like to find out where the book is sold, please check Goodreads.

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