Three Star Island by Kat Caulberg

Three Star Island by Kat Caulberg
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I absolutely enjoyed this read and devoured it in a long afternoon. I got sucked into the wonderful dynamic between the two parties of the main love interest, Penny and Will. They play off each other so beautifully. He’s this gentleman pirate who isn’t used to having to ask for help and expects his orders followed, and she’s a modern female who is trapped in a situation in which she’s barely surviving on her own but deeply needs to retain her autonomy in the face of everything else she’s lost.

The time travel component is a bit more subdued because by the time we meet Penny (our time traveler from the modern day) she’s already had a lot of time to adapt to living in the past. It’s not that there isn’t some element of it, it’s just not as overwhelming of a shock for that character, as you read in some books. The shock and adjustment period is done through bits of information that sneak in and explain why the people who live on the little island with her, despise her so strongly.

There is also a TON of detail about pirates and ships, the author clearly knows her stuff on it. Back to her romance with Will, I was enchanted. I think the two of them have great bickering scenes and plenty of steamy ones. So much to love here, and I definitely want to read more from this author!

Three Star Island

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