The Van Helsing Paradox by Evelyn Chartres

The Van Helsing Paradox by Evelyn Chartres
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What a fabulous historical fantasy story! This adventure begins with a young girl, Clara Grey, who has a unique encounter with something otherworldly. She’s noticed for her special ability to see what others are trying to hide, as well as her added resistance to their different kinds of charm.

Her natural gift gathers the attention of someone who is a member of an elite Order – an Order which sets themselves up as hunters against the monsters who prey on humans. His influence allows him to shift her off the boring path her life would have otherwise taken. This Order sweeps her into a magical tower world full of higher education, monsters, combat training, and magic of a different name.

The story follows Clara into womanhood, and along the path toward getting her revenge against one of the first monsters who killed someone close to her. One of the best aspects of this character is that she’s well-developed. Sometimes she’s vulnerable and unsure of herself, and other times she’s almost cruel, but all the while she’s a real person with the complexity of a deep character who has a lot to accomplish.

If you’re a fan of the Supernatural TV show and Harry Potter, you’ll love this book. There are people trained to be monster Hunters, Vampires, Ghouls, Ghosts, religious figures, and lots of holy water!

The Van Helsing Paradox

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