Fairy Tale Lies (Opposites Attract #1) by D.K. Marie

Fairy Tale Lies by D.K. Marie
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This is a very good contemporary romance between Greta, a graduate student from a wealthy family, and Jacob, a self-made businessman with a blue collar background.

While desperately attracted to each other, they both carry the baggage of trust issues from their past. They decide to try spending enjoying each other’s company casually, but struggle mightily keeping it that way.

Where the book seems to begin these characters with differences of social rank – the real challenges between them are much more about the disparate ways they deal with problems. The scorching passion between them comes through as clearly on the page as their internal misery and self-doubt. Of course, passion between them isn’t one of their problems.

From a readers point of view, I enjoyed the realism of this relationship. For example, while they are both very likable characters, sometimes each of them acts in ways that are obnoxious, unfair, or irrational. That’s real life. You don’t always say the right thing in the right moment, and impulsive or irrational responses can be a part of genuine behavior. We’re also all carrying along the baggage of our past experiences along with us into new relationships and friendships, and it’s nice seeing the reality of that conditioning being addressed.

You should definitely read this if you like a modern romance which is strongly focused on the characters, their personalities, struggles and growth.

Fairy Tale Lies (Opposites Attract, #1)

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