When You Feel It: An Erotic Compilation by Kelanie Black

When You Feel It: An Erotic Compilation by Kelanie Black
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This is a lovely compilation of short erotic stories, the majority of which are focused on the submissive side of BDSM. In addition, there is one story from the female dominant perspective, and another from a very unique perspective which involves a gay male encounter.

I’ll start by saying that the first stories are closer to what you would expect from a submissive BDSM erotica perspective. They’re good, but I particularly find it interesting that, unlike a great deal of erotica, the focus is placed firmly on the experience and not on the ‘finale.’

There is a longer story in there which delves into some really interesting aspects of how to deal with the challenges associated with both having a desire for BDSM in ones bedroom life, but retaining lingering anxieties from unrelated physical abuse that can be inadvertently triggered. Powerful story, with a relevant and serious concept.

The last one I’m going to mention is actually my favorite and involves the one MM story. I can’t give away too much detail without spoiling it, but I adore the fact that it has a completely unique perspective for the story narration! I really enjoyed the way the author took a risk with that one and it was so much fun to read.

Overall, great collection. If you feel like you’ve read everything that BDSM erotica has to offer, you might find yourself surprised with this one.

When You Feel It: An Erotic Compilation
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