Blood Runner by J.D. Stanley

Blood RunnerBlood Runner by J.D. Stanley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wonderful mythological romance!

I love reading mythological fantasy books, especially with a romance component, so when I found out that this was a Sumerian myth based story I was immediately interested. Plus there are Vampires, with a twist. Pirates. Witches. Thousand year grudges. The balance of good and evil in the world. And love, of course. Not the light, frivolous kind… but the deep, agonizing, soul-wrenching kind. It’s set in modern times, but there’s so much mythos and history being referenced that it almost feels like a historical fantasy romance.

It took me for an emotional ride. There were times when I was angry with the main character, and other times when my heart was breaking for him and I was in tears. This isn’t a fluffy, light read. It’s a serious story, filled with deep characters who have had some really bad things happen to them. But it’s also about a love that crosses the centuries.

Absolutely, without question, would read more books about these characters.

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