Murder So Festive – A Merry March Mystery #2 by Eileen Curley Hammond

Murder So Festive: A Merry March Mystery (Merry March Mysteries Book 2)Murder So Festive: A Merry March Mystery by Eileen Curley Hammond
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This second book in the Merry March series was a fun romp that continues right where the last book left off. Merry’s ex, Drew, waltzes back into town and creates an enormous amount of chaos for her and her daughter. Not just the whispers, but Merry has to confront some real issues about her previous marriage that are unpleasant.

The whole situation is cranked up a few notches when a dead body shows up with connections to her ex. Merry is, once again, thrust into the fray to try and ascertain the identity of the murderer in hopes that suspicion about the timing and her ex doesn’t make everyone think her daughters father is a murderer!

This is little town is a wonderful place full of gossipy, busy-bodies and it’s nice to revisit it with this excellent installment. I won’t give away too much, but there might be more than one murder in this book!

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