Her Legend Lives in You: The Untold Goddess Story by M.J.C.

Her Legend Lives in You: The Untold Goddess StoryHer Legend Lives in You: The Untold Goddess Story by M.J.C.
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If you are aware, going into it, that you’re basically reading a religious text, you’ll probably be fine. The top of the book says “The Goddess, the Daughter, and the Orb – A New Holy Trinity. An enchanting retelling of Creation.” Now, that may give the impression that this is a variation on the Christian myth, but since it actually refers to mankind as following religions, that’s kind of mixed together. However, it does actually read like a religious text the whole way through. Such and such was created, then next this, then this name and that name. Additionally, this book does have a political point of view and a post-modern religion goal, which might be obvious from the first line: “All of religion is merely men mansplaining God.”

Moving on, the book has some very creative metaphor in it. Early on there are references to the entire galaxy as the garden of the Goddess. There’s an interesting representation of a dragon creature being transformed into the two creatures: firefly and dragonfly. This creative way of interpreting everything goes on quite a ways through the book. If all of this sounds fun to you, you’ll certainly like the book.

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