Authentic Creativity by Cheryl Bezuidenhout

Authentic Creativity: How to Make the Most of Your Creative Intent, Strategy and PerspectiveAuthentic Creativity: How to Make the Most of Your Creative Intent, Strategy and Perspective by Cheryl R. Bezuidenhout
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This book was an interesting perspective for me as a reader with a heavy business project background. I don’t typically consider myself a creative type, even if I do have some creative skills.

I was curious about the difference in the approach between a book written by and for creatives, and the many business books & textbooks I’ve read in my life and in the process of getting my MBA. I was not disappointed!

There is such a unique approach that works well for creatives that is very different from how handling a client project is normally taught. Where a traditional approach might be to discuss analytics, this one talks about the spirit of the project. This talks about courage where it might normally be referred to as discipline. Where it talks perspective, motivation, and feeling… a typical book would talk about metrics, surveys, and consumer response.

Reading this approach is a fascinating insight, and one that I feel particularly excited to have been able to experience as someone who regularly hires creatives for projects. It’s a great book to suggest for creative types to learn how to navigate the business world from their perspective.

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