I Am The Wild (The Night Firm #1) by Karpov Kinrade

I Am The Wild by Karpov Kinrade
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I Am the Wild is a fantasy romance by Karpov Kinrade. It’s the first in a series called The Night Firm, and is a reverse harem story focused around a family of vampires.

I’ll start by saying that I didn’t intend to read this book. In fact, I had no plan to finish the entire thing in one day, but that’s exactly what I did. I stumbled across it, and read the preview. I was immediately hooked, and since it was on KU, I just sent it over to my Kindle and kept reading.

The characters are absolutely easy to fall in love with. I think I’ve picked up a few new book boyfriends after today! The story hooked me in right away. It’s rare to find books with both good dialogue and description, but this writing duo seems to have it down. I enjoyed the complex characters, the building story layers, and the details which painted the pictures so clearly.

Eve is the main character and starts the story recoving from major trauma. Her life has turned upside over the recent years, and she’s gone from well-off to nearly on the street. The perfect job magically appears, and she meets four mysterious brothers who run a law firm – only at night. What follows is a wonderfully balance experience in which she is beginning to learn about each of the brothers. You clearly get the sense that this reverse harem love nest is going to take a long time, and perhaps many books, to completely play out. Don’t expect lots of graphic bedroom adventures in this volume, but do count on plenty of chemistry!

I will say there are some things which struck me as… I don’t want to say cheesy exactly, but a bit off-putting initially. Such as when we meet Dracula and Lilith. However, in the end of it all, Dracula becomes one of my favorites. So just roll with it and let the story play out. The ending has a great twist!

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