In His Pocket: The Arcanist’s Ward (Mystic Sins of the Regency #1) by California Dawes

In His Pocket: The Arcanist's Ward (Mystic Sins of the Regency #1)In His Pocket: The Arcanist’s Ward by California Dawes
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This is an enchanting erotic romance novella, and absolutely worth the read. The setting appears to be in a traditional Regency period, but has some nice touches of alternative history elements which incorporate a version of that society with more magical elements.

In the beginning, the story appears to feel similar to many I’ve read in the historical romance category. There’s an orphaned female who is suddenly the ward of a mysterious man. A couple of years shy of adulthood (in this case that is 18), he finds himself drawn to her and it feels inappropriate so he sends her away to boarding school. Upon her return years later, the sparks reignite and we have the setup for what appears to be unfolding as a traditional love story. However, that’s where the similarities with the well-known story end.

The story quickly diverges from the expected when the fantasy element is introduced in the form of a magic necklace he gives her as a birthday present. Things heat up pretty quickly from that point, and the chemistry between them takes on an otherworldly aspect which turns into a fun erotic romance jaunt.

A very unique spin on a familiar story. If you’re looking for a new novella in the historical erotic romance category, this is a must read!

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