Watery Through the Gaps by Emma Blas

Book Description

A compelling collection that slips between the crevices of the skin and buries itself into your bones.

‘Watery Through the Gaps’ is a book for those waking to the realisation that there is more outside than just us. It is for those of us who long to bridge the chasm between the human and earth experience. These poems are stepping stones leading us through the water. Following the river will lead us home and we will never be alone again.

In Emma Blas’ second collection of poems, she invites you into dialogue with the sea, taking you into the depths and leaving you wondering whether you can trust the current. Despite the terrifying tug of the undertow, we are exactly where we are meant to be.

If you like poetry that ripples through the depths of the self, against the mirror of the natural world, this book is for you.

My Review

This book of poetry blew past every expectation I had. It reached past my walls, tore into me, and forced me to feel things I close away. Everything amazing poetry should be.

It took me longer to read than I planned, but only because I had to take breaks every twenty pages or so. Words that reach in deep make you stop and think, reflect on your feelings, consider your reactions, and they wear you out faster than those that don’t delve so far within.

According to my kindle, I highlighted 27 different passages in this book. My normal average is zero. I wish I could list them all, but here are a couple of favorites:

“It’s been too long since I’ve stood at the shoreline;
even so, I find the ocean’s voice
in the gray stillness of the morning –
the way faucet water runs over
my knuckles reminds me
how I once held the waves”

“and I am too afraid to call out,
for what if my body finds a new way to breathe
and jumps out
through my open mouth?”

“as fresh onion,
fleshy under the brown paper-bag lining,
for the carrying
has peeled it through”

Inside, you’ll find poems that are mostly lyrical verse, which is my favorite, and focusing heavily on water themes. The tone is emotional and powerful, but focused on connecting with nature, being, and belonging. The message is generally positive, more often hopeful than hopeless, and more often about belonging than loneliness. I think that most people would find at least one poem in this collection to connect with.

On that note, this is not a short collection. It’s a lengthy romp through a series of nature and water based illusions, imaginings, and explorations. I’m not sure what the exact count is, but I know it feels like a lot. I know for certain I’m going to be buying her other book of poetry as well, because she’s clearly one of my new favorites. You should give this set of poems a chance if you want to share time and space with another mind that enjoys nature and the interdependence of everything in our universe.

Book Details

Title: Watery Through the Gaps
Author: Emma Blas
My Rating: 5/5 Stars
Published: January 28th, 2021 by Emma Blas Publishing
ISBN: 9781838316716
Where: If you’d like to find out where the book is sold, please check Goodreads.

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