Body Language by Renee Roman

Book Description

Mika James is handsome, so what’s the problem if she uses her attributes to seduce rich women? There are worse ways to keep a roof over her head. After her latest lover calls it quits for a better offer and shows her the door by telling her she’ll never do anything of importance with her life anyway, Mika has a choice to make: keep searching for validation between the sheets or go back to college and prove she’s capable of more.

Professor Jennifer Long loves her job and she’s really good at it. Unfortunately, it’s the only thing she has under control. Her unrewarding yo-yo dieting and her mom’s unending suggestion that she lose weight because no one will want her the way she is has killed not only her confidence, but any belief she’s sexy.

Mika’s struggling with her coursework, but she isn’t keen on admitting she needs help, even if it’s from the beautiful Professor Long. When Mika realizes Jennifer could also use some tutoring—of the hands-on erotic variety—they strike a deal to help each other. If only their perfect sexy arrangement wasn’t so dangerous for their hearts.

My Review

I absolutely loved this romance between Mika and Jennifer, but I’ll admit I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Mika in the beginning. The premise of her character as a self-described female gigolo who trades sex for being pampered with gifts by her temporary girlfriends was a little off-putting – I’m glad I gave it a chance.

At the outset, the two main characters find each other as a mutually beneficial solution to their problems. Their business-like arrangement includes Jen helping Mika work through her learning struggles, and Mika introducing Jen to embracing intimacy. But similar to a fake-fiancee setup, spending time causes the lines to blur quickly as feelings enter the picture.

Ultimately, this is a story about two women who have both suffered significant setbacks in different parts of their self-esteem. Mika feels like she’s too unintelligent to have more value to someone than physical pleasure, and Jennifer believes she’s too unattractive to ever be physically appealing.

On a side note, for anyone considering taking a pass on it for the ‘erotic’ word in the subtitle, I’ll say I’ve read plenty of romance novels that aren’t categorized as erotic with far more explicit sex.

This book is, first and foremost, a romance. The sex is relevant because of their histories and personalities, but it’s there to advance the romance and isn’t the most important part of the story – even though it matters. You should definitely read this book if you’re interested in a healthy, positive, growth-focused adult romance.

Book Details

Title: Body Language
Author: Renee Roman
My Rating: 5/5 Stars
Published: February 1st 2021 by Bold Strokes Books
ISBN: 9781635558012
Where: If you’d like to find out where the book is sold, please check Goodreads.

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