The Clause in Christmas (A Poppy Creek Novel, #1) by Rachael Bloome

Book Description

Sometimes home is where you least expect it…
Cassie Hayward hates Christmas. Especially this year.

No job. Flat broke. And an ex most definitely on the naughty list.

But the unexpected inheritance of a Victorian cottage in the idyllic town of Poppy Creek may be the miracle Cassie needs. Except for one problem: a clause in the will. Cassie must complete a series of festive tasks for each day in December leading up to Christmas. Overseen by the disarmingly handsome, Christmas-loving lawyer, Luke Davis.

Luke is as strong and steady as the bespoke furniture he crafts as a hobby. He has to be. Stepping into his late father’s shoes as the town lawyer comes with a sleigh full of responsibilities. Which means the alluring stranger collecting her inheritance is a distraction he can’t afford.

As the unlikely pair works together to complete the daily tasks, fighting their attraction becomes more futile than putting good ol’ St. Nick on a diet. But when Cassie’s ex reappears with the offer of a lifetime, she’ll have to choose between love and the life she always wanted.

Curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and visit a town that feels like home. This endearing, sweet romance will warm your heart and fill you will hope. A “must-read” year after year.

My Review

I really loved this Christmas story about two people brought together by a strange clause in a will. Cassie’s grandmother passes away, leaving her a charming house in the small town of Poppy Creek. It couldn’t have happened at a better time, considering she’s out of work, can only afford one more month of rent before she’s homeless, and just broke off a bad relationship.

When she arrives in Poppy Creek, she thinks she’ll check out the house and get it on the market right away so she can have a quick infusion of cash. Luke, the attorney in town, breaks the news that if she wants the house, she has to stay and complete a Christmas calendar worth of activities as a clause in the will. Each one verified by him.

I adored the way the grandmother we never meet ended up bringing so many people together in this story. Cassie and Luke have great chemistry from the start, and the town is described so beautifully along the way. I enjoyed reading about each of the tasks that they had to complete, most often together, and adored the way that she was able to connect with people she’d never have imagined meeting.

Cassie stumbles a bit at first, adjusting to things in a small town, but has a kind of contagious energy and stubbornness that carries her through. Luke is absolutely adorable and loveable in every way, but being the guy everyone can depend on has come at a personal cost. When Cassie walks into his life, he starts to question whether he’s missed out on too much, and how he can make room for love.

The only content warning I think might be relevant is that Cassie’s mother is an alcoholic. The mother spends very little time on the page, but when she does, it shows the problems with alcohol addiction in the story.

I enjoyed getting to meet a varied cast of characters who live in Poppy Creek, and it doesn’t take long to wrap your head around who is who. If you’re like me, by the end you’ll have already started trying to guess at who will be matched up in the next book – and thankfully they give you a clue at the end!

Speaking of the end, the way there was a recipe included at the end was an unexpected surprise. This is a sweet romance, and most of the story should work just find for any age.

Book Details

Title: The Clause in Christmas (Poppy Creek #1)
Author: Rachael Bloome
My Rating: 5/5 Stars
Published: October 29th 2019 by Secret Garden Press
Where: If you’d like to find out where the book is sold, please check Goodreads.

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