Love by Night: A Book of Poetry by S.K. Williams

Book Description

More of a story than a collection of poetry, Love by Night will whisk you away from your world and into the dreamy romantic night.

Love by Night begins with anxious hesitation and nervous attraction, grows into tender affection, blossoms into passionate love, delves deep into whimsical dreams, and finally builds an image of an idyllic future together, as the reader develops along with the two characters of this poetic story.

Written as a conversation between two points of view in constant change and flux with each other, this book invites the reader into the conversation about the love that connects one person to another, but also all of us to each other.

Through this written testament to the emotional journeys books can take us on, S. K. Williams breaks down stereotypes, sexism, relationship roles, and brings awareness to mental health, grief, anxiety, depression, how to move forward, how to love in a healthy way, and, most of all, how to love yourself when it feels impossible.

My Review

This is simultaneously a good read and a confusing one. It honestly reads like it should have been formatted as an epistolary novella, with alternating correspondence between the two love interests. I’m not sure why this was done as poetry, but it just doesn’t work for me at all that way.

However, if you consider only the story told between the two people, and consider the alternating ‘poems’ as their points of view, it works much better. The story itself it cute, as we follow each partner through their feelings in the romance.

Book Details

Title: Love by Night: A Book of Poetry
Author: S.K. Williams
My Rating: 3/5 Stars
Published: February 2nd 2021 by Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 9781524861193
Where: If you’d like to find out where the book is sold, please check Goodreads.

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