Bound by Cotton by Patrick Khayler

Bound by Cotton by Patrick Khayler
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Bound by Cotton is, in a word, stunning. As a bit of background, while I’m definitely an erotic romance reader, this is the first of Patrick Khayler’s books I’ve read. In addition, I’m not particularly keen on BDSM from a personal taste perspective. Which makes how much I loved this story even more surprising!

Not only does the writer paint beautiful, sensory pictures with his words, but the story itself is interesting. I do want to pause a moment and say that the quality of description cannot be emphasized enough. However, moving on to the story aspects, I was thrown into the story without having read the previous ones and that was just fine. There were references to things from previous books, but it was nothing that detracted from my ability to understand the story.

I completely adore Peter as a character. He’s a fabulous blend of forceful, strong, protective, and loving. I found the relationship between Rebecca and Peter to be fascinating. The dynamic pulled me in and carried me along until it was coaxing emotional reactions out of me. I didn’t expect a BDSM story to be capable of drawing me into some of the emotionally draining experiences Rebecca goes through, but I was wrong. The relationship between the two reached a point where I hoped that they would end up together because their chemistry was so strong.

Brilliant piece, absolutely on my short list of favorite erotic stories now.

Bound by Cotton

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